About the Author

Mia is a junior mechanical engineering and bioengineering student at the University of Notre Dame. She has always been super interested in the biomedical sciences. When she was a little kid her favorite toy was a little three-tier surgery cart, complete with a small IV stand that actually allowed water to pass through. In middle school, she and her friend made casts for themselves using paper towels and duck tape; they even had to be cut out of them (just like the real thing!). Mia also loved building things and stole her brother’s LEGO NXT kit as soon as she could and then used it to build a robot that hit him when he came into her room. Biomedical engineering was an obvious interest from an early ago and somehow that hasn’t changed at all.

When Mia isn’t building random things or running experiments, she loves to go on adventures and see new things. If she were a character in Winnie the Pooh, she would be Tigger. She loves to run, hike, bike, and swim; anything that can take her outside and around seeing new places she will do. When it’s cold outside or raining, one can find the wild Mia curled up in a chair with a book or her laptop working on some new scheme, but always with a cup of tea within reach. Mia also loves to watch movies with friends and family (particularly space, superhero, and Disney movies!) and get their opinions on her favorites.