Back in America, Back Under the Dome

Part 1: January 23, 2020

What a whirlwind of a month it has been. A month back in America. And finally back at my beloved school in blustery, flat Indiana. Gosh the amount of sunlight that Ohio and Indiana receives in comparison to Ireland and the UK is so refreshing. In reality, all of America is quite refreshing after being gone so long (even if I still haven’t had some proper Kraft mac and cheese…). I’ve spent a lot of the past month being like “Americans do this or that” as I readjust to myself being an American in America surrounded by other Americans. Other friends that were abroad are having similar feelings. We all agree that we miss the convenience of 1 and 2 Euro coins.

Part 2: February 9, 2020

I would say that I am finally adjusted back to being in America. The dollar isn’t as foreign as it once was. People have stopped going it’s so good to have you back when they see me. Life has returned to as normal as life at Notre Dame ever gets. I have settled into the routine of classes, research, clubs, and dorm life. My schedule is as busy as ever, but I have so much free time as well. I believe this is due to one of the main lessons I learned in Ireland: the work will always be there when you get back. Spontaneity doesn’t just happen; one is allowed to be spontaneous because they delegate their work accordingly and use the allocated time to get what needs to be finished done, so that they can be flexible later. My week has the same base structure and then I get to interject fun things into it like cells into a mold (can you tell I’m taking biofabrication right now?) and watch them flourish.

One of my favorite things about being back in America is no longer juggling the time differences and transcontinental cables. I love being able to call and text family and friends when I am out and about. Phones are really a remarkable invention. I have also been loving living in the dorm again and the ever present community that it brings. Whenever I need a study break or opinions on an outfit, I can just pop out of my room and walk down the hall knowing that I will run into a friend or fellow dormmate. I love having the dining hall back and dislike it. I loved the freedom of being able to cook what I want. However, I also love the convenience of getting a quick hot meal and nothing beats meeting friends for a meal. Overall, I think it can be concluded that I love America and love my campus even more.

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