Two (or Three) More Countries Visited


I traveled to Rome with my fellow Domers for the canonization of St. John Henry Newman, who was the founder of the university I am currently studying at! Rome takes your breath away wherever you go. The architectural and engineering history is applauded around the world for a reason. I probably could’ve spent a week just trying to understand the ancient sewer system if we are going to be honest. Attending the canonization, I got to see the Pope, see one of the coolest masses in history (even if I didn’t understand it), and catch up with some Domers currently studying in Rome while waiting for mass to start. Besides this we got to see some Irish sites in Rome, such as the Pontifical College where Daniel O’Connell’s heart once laid (Conspiracy theory confirmed: it was stolen). I wandered around the Colosseum, visited the Basilica of St. John Lateran, and made my way up the Holy Stairs. I was completely overwhelmed by the history of Rome. We also enjoyed food and lots of gelato; I tried a few new flavors everyday.

The beauty of Rome architecture from the Altar to the Fatherland.
James and I in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome. It was crazy crowded!
Catching up with my friend Michael at the Canonization.


At the end of the month of October, my parents came for a visit and we traveled to London with them. London is definitely one of my favorite cities that we visited. We did all the tourist things: walked by the London Eye, walked across the Tower Bridge, explored the Tower of London, and visited Kensington Palace. We also took a day trip to Windsor where we toured Windsor Castle and explored the city of Windsor. Mom and I even had a traditional afternoon tea like we were hoping.

Standing in front of Tower Bridge.

Life in Ireland Besides

I’ve been exploring Ireland a lot, more on these adventures will come in another post. Classes have been keeping me plenty of busy with projects, lab reports, and exams. Not much else can be expected of an engineering student in college :). I love the classes that I am taking though, so that makes the work a lot more bearable. One of my classes has me working with a team to design a medical device, so I spend a lot of time on CAD designing. My data science class’ first assignment was to analyze data from any API that we wanted, so I looked into the FDA of course. It’s really fun getting to get more into my bioengineering focus now that I am in upper levels.

Living on our own has a few perks like cooking. I’ve gotten more adventurous in my cooking and have made my own taco meat, chili, and pancakes from scratch! I even successfully made dinner for my friends and I one night: Doritos casserole with roasted vegetables and shortbread for dessert. But I do look forward to the dining hall again in the spring, just so I can have the time I spend cooking and grocery shopping back to do things like study or work on clubs. Returning to Notre Dame will be a big adjustment, but it will be really good to see all my friends again and return to the professors I know and look up to.