Week 1 – June 6, 2019

Me getting ready to go into the MRI scanners. No metal allowed!

I started out my summer research internship this week in the Auditory Neuroscience and Perception Lab. Today was my first day in lab due to being in a Neuroscience “boot camp” all week. So far my adventures in Minnesota have brought all sorts of new and exciting experiences. On Friday, I paddle-boarded to the headwaters of the Mississippi River. On Saturday, we hiked there as a group and I walked across the Mississippi River no less than four times. Saturday night we had a talent show and I performed for King and Country’s cover of “The Greatest Show” in American Sign Language. The crowd went wild and many people came up afterwards and told me they hadn’t ever seen anything like it. Since Saturday, people have come up and asked me about sign language and even a few have signed to me 🙂 .

Monday brought the start of our “boot camp”, during which we were to learn how neuroimaging works in a nutshell. This was to allow us to complete our summer projects. Monday we started off scanning a bag of clementines, but within three days we had scanned all five of us students as well as a pineapple. The pineapple became an excellent pineapple upside down cake. Is it ethical to eat your patients? Today I got to see the world’s biggest MRI with a strength of 10.5T! To get it into the building they had to take out the walls and use two semis to move it.

Motion analysis of the water content in a pineapple.

The summer promises to be a promising one and I am very excited to launch into my project(s) in the coming days. Next week alone I will be helping run a few scans and hopefully starting to get into some data analysis and experimental design. I’m not sure what adventures the weekend will bring, but I can imagine there will be some paper reading, YouTube video watching, and some Transit as we explore the city.